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Surly Flachmann Edelstahl

Surly Flachmann Edelstahl
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  • MA1612
Surly Flachmann Edelstahl Hey mang! I?m Flasky! You know, where ever I go people are... mehr
Produktinformationen "Surly Flachmann Edelstahl"
Surly Flachmann Edelstahl

Hey mang! I?m Flasky! You know, where ever I go people are always saying to me ?Flasky, you?re a good friend. You keep me warm when I?m cold, loose when I?m tight, and twirling when I should be sleeping.? Hey, I try! But I want people to know how tough I am! Not even a dog can hurt me! Well maybe a dog could, I don?t know, like if it was maybe a pit-bull or something. Especially an alcoholic pit-bull who hadn?t had a drink in a while. But still, I?m pretty tough cuz I?m stainless steel. I don?t rust and I don?t trap flavors like plastic. That way your gin don?t taste like your juice. I?m a good size too; more than enough but never too much, except sometimes. So yeah, that?s me. Let?s go for a ride. Right now. C?mon, don?t be stuck up.

Stainless steel. 6 oz (177ml)
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