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SDG Aliso Cro-Mo

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SDG Aliso Cro-Mo Named straight from Aliso Woods - a popular SoCal trail with steep climbs... mehr
Produktinformationen "SDG Aliso Cro-Mo"
SDG Aliso Cro-Mo

Named straight from Aliso Woods - a popular SoCal trail with steep climbs and steep descents. The Aliso is a modern spin off of the classic Grand Prix model, blending a minimalist approach of the Fly and adding technical elements of Circuit MTN, which ultimately gives the support desired with a narrower width design.

The Aliso uses a Polypropylene base material, featuring an Under-Cut relief and incorporates a Light Weight PU foam for superior comfort, topped off with a 3/4 Cut for further soft tissues release.

Riders take full advantage of the Nose Platform, which provides a greater surface area at the nose for comfort and power that aides in pedaling larger travel bikes up seated climbs.

The Aliso is a mountain specific tool for various dirt disciplines and is available in a textured Microfiber top with Kevlar protected sides and offered in two traditional railed options.

Black Microfiber top w/ Black Kevlar Sides.
WEIGHT(s): Cro-Mo 305g
DIMENSIONS: 270mm x 134mm
OPTIMAL RIDEABLE AREA (ORA) : (90 - 130): Small - Medium
DISCIPLINES: Mtn (XC, Trail, Enduro, DH)
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