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Race Face Seatpost Next SL, 30.9x400mm - Carbon

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Race Face Sattelstütze Next SL, 30.9x400mm - Carbon Overview The Next seatpost sets the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Race Face Seatpost Next SL, 30.9x400mm - Carbon"

Race Face Sattelstütze Next SL, 30.9x400mm - Carbon

The Next seatpost sets the standard for performance carbon XC posts. It features an innovative, patented head design that offers maximum adjustability while minimizing weight. The carbon tube is engineered & manufactured using Race Face's optimized carbon technology process.



  • Low profile rail clamps with shorter bolts improves clearance for the riders legs.
  • Forged & CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, the seatpost head is incredibly strong & fatigue resistant.
  • Patented head design is lightweight & distributes loads more efficiently than conventional seatpost head designs.
  • Offers unprecedented adjustability - with infinite tilt adjustment completely independent from the fore/aft adjustment.
  • Side clamping rail system distributes loads to the clamp, rather than the bolt, virtually eliminating the possibility of broken bolts.
  • The head accommodates 7mm & 8mm rails while providing 35mm of rail support.
  • Features a 0.5” rearward offset.


  • The seatpost tube is manufactured using our proven Next optimized carbon technology.
  • The highly tested & engineered carbon tube offers outstanding fatigue & impact strength for a lightweight XC post.
  • All SL posts are constructed from a high strength 3K carbon weave.


SIZES: 27.2, 30.9, 31.6mm
LENGTH: 400mm
WEIGHT: 230g (27.2mm)
COLOUR: Unidirectional Carbon

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