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Revelate Designs - TERRAPIN SYSTEM 8L

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  • RD-080-402-MULTICAM
Revelate Designs - TERRAPIN SYSTEM 8L The Terrapin® 8L is an updated, smaller version of the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Revelate Designs - TERRAPIN SYSTEM 8L"

Revelate Designs - TERRAPIN SYSTEM 8L

The Terrapin® 8L is an updated, smaller version of the modular Terrapin® System. Like the popular Terrapin System, the mount stays on the bike and the custom fitted drybag is removable for easy packing. With 8 liters of capacity, it is perfect for most lightweight bikepacking trips and fits bikes with low tire clearance. It is perfectly sized for small framed bikes, including plus bikes with inherently diminished clearance.

A key feature of the Terrapin holster-like mount is the Indie-Rail attachment system. This a progression from conventional bikepacking bag mounts where the rail straps are fixed to the top center of the bag. Each rail is cinched down to the sides of the bag, virtually eliminating side to side bag sway without the need for external hardware. We combine this with a rigid internal structure and active camming buckles to prevent straps from slipping on rough terrain.

The mount is stiffened on all sides including an external plastic bottom sheet which protects the bottom of the bag like a fender. A composite internal top sheet provides a solid and stable platform for the strap points and transmits the vertical load to the seatpost connection.


  • Indie-Rail attachment system and active camming hardware
  • Radio frequency welded drybag with air purge valve
  • Protective external plastic bottom frame sheet
  • Aluminum hardware at high stress points
  • Composite internal top frame sheet
  • Foam stiffened side panels with fiberglass compression stays
  • Carbon seatpost friendly
  • 7" Minimum of tire clearance required from saddle rails

Important Notes: it is mandatory to check tire clearance prior to use, especially with full suspension bikes. Bag contact with a tire can cause a bad wreck and ruin your day. Tire damage to the bag is not covered by warranty.

The Terrapin® 8L is not compatible with the Spocket top pouch.

Please evaluate how your system works well before a planned trip.

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