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CLUSTER 20 - Saddle bag - black

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CLUSTER 20 - Saddle bag - black Borsa sotto sella Lieferumfang: eine Satteltasche... mehr
Produktinformationen "CLUSTER 20 - Saddle bag - black"

CLUSTER 20 - Saddle bag - black

Borsa sotto sella

Lieferumfang: eine Satteltasche ohne ev. abgebildetem Zubehör und Zusatztaschen.

Product Description:
The Cluster is our seat-bag, an invaluable piece of kit synonymous with bikepacking. Whether you are looking to go out on a sub 24 hour mini adventure, a round the world odyssey or anything in-between the Cluster, available in two sizes, 13 or 20 litre, has enough carrying capacity to satisfy every cyclist's needs. Easily compressible, both sizes can be used with the minimum kit required or even empty.
Strategic material choice ensures that the Cluster is extremely resistant to the normal wear & tear experienced during any bikepacking tour. The fabric used in the construction of the Cluster has an internal water resistant coating that ensures a water resistance of 10,000 mm.
In the lower half of the bag there is an insert in the reinforced double layer fabric which not only acts as a mudguard but also protects the bag from any rear wheel contact. Attaching the bag to the seat-post is done via two velcro straps which are coated on the inside with a non-slip material that provides excellent grip and can help reduce any abrasion on the seat-post by as much as 50%. The Cluster can also be safely used with carbon seat-posts and saddles.

Technical Specifcations:
– available in two colours: grey and speckled black;
– Speckled black nylon fabric, 420/polyester 300 with polyurethane coating, water repellent;
– smooth black fabric (wheel area) in polyester featuring a phthalate-free PVC double coating;
– All Miss Grape products are exclusively Made in Italy, and are certifed according to REACH regulations (CE) no. 1097/2006;
– polypropylene belts in polyurethane coated polyamide

Dimensions Cluster 20:
– volume: 20 litres
– maximum length: 62 cm
– height: 18 cm
– weight: tba

Suggested Use:
The Cluster is designed to carry everything you might need during the day (or longer) in the saddle; foul weather gear, spare parts and tools, a cooking stove, gas and food for the camp, sleeping bag and heavier clothing.

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