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Internode 50.6 frame bag - black

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Internode 50.6 Frame Bag - black Rahmentasche 50/56 cm, schwarz Borsa da telaio... mehr
Produktinformationen "Internode 50.6 frame bag - black"

Internode 50.6 Frame Bag - black

Rahmentasche 50/56 cm, schwarz

Borsa da telaio

Lieferumfang: eine Rahmentasche ohne ev. abgebildetem Zubehör und Zusatztaschen.

Product Description:
Internode is our half-frame bag. Spacious and extremely durable, the Internode is the bag for all occasions; a long day trip planned, popping down to the shops or a daily commute, the Internode has got you covered. Available in three sizes (see sizes) to ft most bikes on the market, including road, gravel, mountain bikes and fat bikes and anything in between.
The Internode is designed to sit within the main triangle of the frame, fxed to the top, down and seat tubes, with a series of Velcro tapes.
These are not sewn directly to the main bag but connected to the bag via a serious of sewn in loops. This ensures maximum fexibility, enabling the velcro straps to be placed in the optimal position depending on your frame. In addition this ensures that the bag maintains its load volume even if fxed on typically narrow tubes found on steel frames. This system also makes it easy to replace worn out velcro straps.
The front section of the Internode, where it connects to the head-tube, is reinforced with extra padding to avoid any contents damaging the frame. Also at the front there is a small opening to allow battery cables where one is running a light, or the tube of a water bladder system. The tear resistant fabric has excellent resistance to rain (Water Resistant) thanks to the internal coating by 10,000 columns of water.

Technical Specifcations:
– available in two colours: Grey or dotted black.
– Speckled black nylon fabric, 420/polyester 300 with polyurethane coating, water
– repellent;
– Zip Riri model “Aquazip” M8;
– polypropylene belts in polyurethane coated polyamide
– All Miss Grape products are exclusively Made in Italy, and are certifed according to REACH regulations (CE) no. 1097/2006

– Internode 50.6: 50/56 cm Å~ 15 cm volume 5,5 litres;
– weight: tba

Suggested Use:
You can put almost anything you want in the Internode, safe in the knowledge that they are in an easily accessible place ensuring that everything is close to hand for when you need it, including sunglasses, vests, arm and leg warmers, hat, gloves, multi-tool, CO2 cannister, pump, the list is endless.

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