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Apidura BACKCOUNTRY FOOD POUCH (0,8L) Easy-access storage space for frequently used items... mehr
Produktinformationen "Apidura BACKCOUNTRY FOOD POUCH (0,8L)"


Easy-access storage space for frequently used items (water bottle, snacks, cameras, tools and so on).

Other product features include: 

  • Easy, one-hand open / closure mechanism (one-finger bungee lock system)
  • Fits either side of the stem; allowing two pouches to be run in parallel
  • Carbon-friendly straps. 
  • Yellow interior liner for enhanced visibility. 
  • Fits either side of stem. 
  • Padded with closed cell foam to protect contents and frame
  • Weighs less than 55 grams


Dimension Polyant VX21 is the main body fabric. This 4 layer laminated fabric offers a combination of superior waterproofness, light weight, ultra high abrasion and tear resistance, and low stretch.


Packs should be washed by hand to preserve the integrity of the laminated body fabric. You can use a mild diluted soap if needed and air dry the pack.

Do not machine wash or dry. Do not iron.

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