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7Mesh Callaghan Hoody Men's - Black

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7Mesh Callaghan Hoody Men's - Black The Callaghan Hoody combines the warmth of wool with... mehr
Produktinformationen "7Mesh Callaghan Hoody Men's - Black"
7Mesh Callaghan Hoody Men's - Black

The Callaghan Hoody combines the warmth of wool with the fast drying performance of polyester to make this the ideal hoody for cool spring days on and off the bike. The Merino wool inner face is comfortable, warm, and odor resistant, while the polyester exterior has fibers extending into the wool to wick moisture to the face for rapid evaporation. Micro stitching instead of serging gives the seams the lowest possible profile on a 4-way stretch fabric, reducing bulk and weight and maintaining the stretch characteristics of the fabric for maximum comfort. The Callaghan Hoody features front pockets with an internal phone security sleeve and an under-the-helmet compatible hood. Patterned for the riding position but with a relaxed fit for more versatility off the bike, the Callaghan has quickly become a staff favourite day in and day out.

Merino Wool Polyester Blend (with a brushed backer for warmth)


  • Fast dry, warm wool.
  • An articulated pattern that works both on and off the bike.
  • Front pockets for keeping hands warm off the bike
  • Phone sleeve inside right front pocket
  • Micro stitched seams (giving the lowest profile seam possible on a stretchy fabric)
  • Under the helmet compatible hood

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